During the production of In Search of Aztlan quite a number of individuals were interviewed. Some were scholars or authorities who spoke on specific areas of interest such as history, anthropology and linguistics. Others were activists for whom Aztlán has been a motivating inspiration for their work. Because of time limitations on the video we were unable to include the comments of all the people we interviewed. However, we feel these contributions are important and are including them herewith. The interviews were conducted by Jesús Salvador Treviño, Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez.


  Rudolf Anaya Luis Leal
  Yolanda Broyles Steve Lekson
  Maria Durazo Sara Mendoza
  Jack Forbes Frank Meza
  José Angel Gutiérrez Cecilo Orozco
  Fermin Herrera Marta Ramirez
  John Keilch Carlos Velez-Ibañez